Pěkný číslo (What a Number) Charles University Beer
branding, packaging design 2021

The Mathematics and Physics Faculty of the Charles University started brewing their own beer. They made an open call for creating it's identity. The brief revolves around the number pi, which inspired not only the brewing process (cooling at 3.14 degrees Celsius), but also its amount of alcohol, which is 6.28%. I defined the keywords informal, laid-back, friendly, geeky. I didn’t want the classic aesthetics of most contemporary beers which are very common in the Czech Republic so I went with bold and vibrant approach. I was using illustration elements for my design to bring out the edgy and contemporary feel.  

Process of digital sketches 

The idea was to play with the vintage illustrated look, where I also tried different formats of the composition to reflect the old feeling of the label but the same time keep it modern and playful with a strong concept behind. Label in a shape of wrist watch was one of the concepts to address the symbolism of PI, pointing at 3:14 which is value of the PI. Smaller elements such as symbol of PI has been taken into more playful approach to create a world play- PIVO.     

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