“Everyone is a murderer” 
A reflection of the dark side of human nature and its manifestation​​​​​​​
Murder is one of the most heinous and devastating crimes that can be committed, yet it remains a perplexing phenomenon. What drives someone to take another person’s life? Is it a result of a moment of passion, or is it a premeditated act of violence? Are some people simply born with a predisposition towards violence, or are they pushed to the brink by external factors such as trauma, stress, or desperation? “Everyone is a murderer” is a thought-provoking ironically gripping book that delves deep into the human psyche to explore the complex motivations behind murder. Through the stories of ten ordinary but different characters, ranging from housewives and mothers to boyfriends and friendly neighbours, the book challenges the reader to consider the notion that anyone is capable of committing murder under the right circumstances.

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